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Equipment needed to produce fried chicken products, which have become increasingly popular products in the food industry;  

Pressure Fryers : They are used to fry especially chicken products with high pressure in such a short time that  seals the product quickly keeping it juicy and not dried out. We offer different capacity machines that can cook 3 kg (MAKFRY 518), 4 kg (MAKFRY1014) and 5.5 kg (MAKFRY 1025)  in 10 minutes.  

Food Warming Equipments: You can provide faster and more efficent service with these equipments that can keep your cooked products fresh and warm up to 2 hours.  MAKFRY produces various capacity and size food-warmers.   MAKFRY HD-2 for 10 kg of products, MAKFRY HD-3 for 15 kg of products, MAKFRY HD-4 for 20 kg of products and MAKFRY HD-6 for 30 kg of products.  

Breading Table: When breading for fried chicked products you will need a comfortable work station and you often need to sift your breading flour mix because it creates lumps as it is used.  We have a great solution for these two issues.  MAKFRY breading unit gives you the space you need and a built in sifting drawer that helps you do it all and stay clean. 

Remember!  Appropriate and well made equipment helps you to achieve quality products.