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HO-RE-CA (Hotel Restaurant Catering) SOLUTIONS

HO-RE-CA  (Hotel Restaurant Catering) Solutions

Potato and chicken being the main ingredients, fried chicken products became increasingly sought after fast food items for HO-RE-CA businesses.  Especially because its low cost ingredients enables HORECA businesses to provide alternative,  cost effective and enjoyable products.  Our firm makes this profitable business easier for you by training your managers and operators. 

 Fried Chicken menus provide following advantages for HO-RE-CA businesses. 

  • Economic Menus due to low cost ingredients
  • Delicious Enjoyable alternatives
  • Easy standard production that does not require high skills
  • Stocking and fast serving advantage as it stays fresh for 2 hours after being prepared

Our firm, to be able to provide better and effective service to you, has established branches and distributorships in many cities and summer/tourism destinations throughout the country. 

You can call us to facilitate your business and increase your client appreciation.


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