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Prepare A Demo Start to Sell

You obtained Fried Chicken equipments and food products. You made choices for menu. At the moment, you can cross into production phase. You can begin to produce the products by applying the steps related to the production of the products from the Fried Chicken Production link according to the equipments and food products you have choosed and can serve to your familiars firstly.

If you and the people around you are satisfied regarding the result, you
can start to serve for your customers. If you think that you could not get the results as you wished, please search the Originating from Product Troubleshooting Guide.

Have a profitable working day..


ADD FRIED CHICKEN INTO YOUR MENU & EARN MORE...   With fried chicken you can increase your customer's volume and you can earn more.   How to do it?   It's actually very simple. The only thing you ...