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Our founders Mr. Uğur Özgilik and Mr. Şadi Akgül have had a big information and experience accumulation in this sector by doing fast-food managership in England. As to Mr. İsmail Yürük, he has achieved to establish a company that supplies to the fast-food managements after doing fast-food management in Belgium. 

Our founders who have had fast-food experience during years in Europe have come and researched the sector in 2009 in Turkey and they have started to carry into effect their project after realizing that Fried Chicken products are not common in Turkey.  


There are two main factors that give Fried Chicken its wonderful flavor;


As the water cannot evaporate easily inside the chicken pieces which are fried under pressure, the chicken will be boiled with its own juice while outer layer (spices layer) will be fried.

Note 1: As it is known, products fried inside hot oil produces steam. This vapor caused by the lossing of water inside the product. In the pressure fryers, this evaporation is slowed down and the juice of the products remains inside which Increases the flavor of chicken. Water that tries to come out of the chicken cooked under pressure and the oil that tries to enter into the chicken from outside, but the pressure fryer keeps it balanced preventing the product from absorbing oil.

Note 2: during cooking using open fryers Oil fills the cavity inside the product instead of the juice which get evaporate. That is why the products cooked in the open fryer are always greasy.


Coating is a high quality spices mixture. it consist of flours mixture. The spices should be balanced for a perfect mixture and wonderfull  flavors.

Our company, whch entered the market as a restaurant n Lecester UK n 1996, has contnued ts actvtes by openng 17 different new branches n centres lke Northampton, Rugby, Hnckley, Leamngton SPA. Due to the recognton of a gap n fred chcken products n Turkey, the company has decded to launch ts actvtes n Turkey n the name of MAKFRY brand.
Whle patented- producng the requred pressure fryers to produce Fred Chcken as a result of long-term R&D actvtes, agan by completng the R&D works of breadng products- the second most mportant raw materal of Fred Chcken- MAKFRY GROUP has filled the nche n the sector wth 100% domestc manufacturng. Producng the necessary equpment and food products, MAKFRY GROUP dssemnates ts products under the brand of CHITIR CHICKEN and, wth ts ongong R&D actvtes; t contnues to offer new products by takng the deficences of the sector nto consderaton

Fried Chicken, known as a fast food product, can be defined as a pan-fried chicken.

According to one story, Fried Chicken was taken to the USA by the Scots, and according to another story, it said that it was common food product among the slaves in the USA and became popular later.

Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, created a taste by means of the coating product in trials at a gas station, and today KFC has become a chain with 15,000 restaurants.

This is a very popular product today, according to a study in the United States about 60% of prisoners sentenced to death, this food was the last request form them.

As Makfry, we have been making the production of the necessary products such as equipment, food and package which are required to be able to prepare fried chicken products. 

We have been producing pressure fryers as an equipment for frying the products , warming units that provide 2 hours long fresh time service, breading unit that is necessary to make the breading process fertile and to realise applicatively. Alongside the equipments which are needed to prepare fried chicken products, we also have been making sales of professional waffle machine, industrial toaster and so forth equipments. 

Our food products are consist of marination sauces which you are going to need in production of fried chicken products, breading flours, the hot battermilk which is required to make hot fried chicken at the level you want, burger mixture which is needed to make your hamburger patties splendidly delicious and dip sauces which are excellent and assertive to do miracles when you service near all fast-food products. 

Our packages compose of the materials which are practice and nice-looking while you are serving in your work place and functional products which come to your rescue for your delivery services. The visuals of our packages are designed spectacular and in such a manner that emphasized to fried chicken. 


Makfry, is always in work of moving our products to higher level of flavor and quality. For this purpose, it produces standard paneling flours and marinade sauces and to be used easily in constant quantities.

A quality fried chicken is basically determined by its color. The color should be golden yellow. Its outer surface should not look oily, the outside should be crispy while  you should feel the wonderful flavor in your mouth when you take a bite of the chicken that was boiled with its own juice. This is already the purpose of the pressure fryer; roasted outer surface, boiled from the inside with it own juice.

For a quality fried chicken product, the importance of spices should not be forgotten. To leave a pleasant harmony in your mouth, the ratio of spices should be adjusted to their level of effect.

  1. Flavor: All Fried Chickens are cooked under pressure, with their spices, which iev us the ability to try different amaizing tastes. In this sense, everyone has a took a part in the market. Although the flavor diversity according to culture and geography, companies that find the appropriate flavor have succeeded to spread in many countries around the world.
  2. frying: Chicken pieces should be cooked at the right temperature and timing. Other than the mistakes made in this sense, fried chicken    do not coocked well, which leads to consumers complaint. The product should be crispy from the outside with softy inside.
  3. COLOR: Fried Chicken is appreciated by the customer as it approaches its golden color.
  4. APPEARANCE: It should not have flat coating, it should be chrispy, puffy, wavy and biscuit-like.

This product, which entered the fastfood sector in the USA in the 1950s, is very popular today but cannot be offered at the desired level in some countries. This is because the pressure fryer and paneling products required to make this product are not widely available or are very expensive. However, this product has created by some experts like KFC. KFC is a company with 15,000 dealers worldwide and 3,000 branded fried chicken restaurants around the world.

The spread of the product has a huge importance as a fast food products and machines used in the cooking (pressure fryer) is practical and economical. In addition, the fact of baked products can be kept fresh in the hot keeping units for two hours can meet the needs of the sector and be served to the consumer without waiting.