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A. DECIDING the CONCEPT: It is required that the investor must analyse the needs of the region where the business will be located and decide the concept.

OUR SUPPORTS: Offering our suggestions after evaluating the decision of the investor and make it reach to the final decision.  

B. LOCATION SELECTION and BEING in PROGRESS of LEGAL ACTIONS: The investor must be knowledgeable about the region where s/he plans to set up a business, must analyse the region well. The legal conformity of the possible work places must be investigated.

OUR SUPPORTS: Presenting in case of documents about how and which analyses must be done as regards location selection. If necessary, reconnoitring in the direction of the investor in exchange for a particular charge.

C. FORMING BUSINESS PLAN and FINANCE: Doing planning as of finance is quite important to be able to successful of the investment. At this stage, the predictable expenses while setting up the business and managing effect the achievement.

OUR SUPPORTS: Presenting the schedules and documents with regard to the costs which might occur at the stages of setup and management.

D. PROJECT DESIGNING: The work place is designed after deciding location selection and concept.

OUR SUPPORTS: 3 dimensional project drawing is presented to the investor on the basis of the sketch of the work place which is taken from investor.

E. RECONDITION: The investor makes the alteration of the work place by compromising with local solutions (local companies) appropriate to the project which has been prepared previously.

OUR SUPPORTS: The price informations and options which are taken from previously made projects are presented step by step upon investor’s request.

F. PREPARATION of VISUALS: This step runs collaterally with alteration step and the visuals proper for the project are placed an order.

OUR SUPPORTS: The previously presented 3 dimensional project visuals (signboard, poster, etc.) are presented to the investor.

G. BEING PURCHASED of EQUIPMENT and MATERIALS: Kitchen equipments and materials are purchased in the last step of setup and they are situated in work place appropriately to the project.

OUR SUPPORTS: Makfry gives the list of equipments and materials to the investor about what should be purchased. For the truest purchase, Makfry presents the supplier list as well.

H. PERSONNEL RECRUITMENT: In the last step of setup, personnel selection and employment start.

OUR SUPPORTS: Experience share is made related to how and how many personnels should work properly to the work place planning.




With branded concept programme, you can increase your income by adding fried chicken products to your business.

First of all, please choose your equipment in this programme.

-Economic Pack (Makfry 518 + HD-2 Warming Unit)

-Standard Pack (Makfry 1014 + HD-4 Warming Unit)

-Professional Pack (Makfry 1025 + HD-6 Warming Unit)

Secondly, please determine your supply products based on your menus.

-Marination Sauce

-Breading Mix


-Promotion Products

You can pay all these products from our Makfry Group company. After purchasing process, you can start the sales by buying chickens locally.

NOTE: Menu design and training are free of charge in our company. you can find them on our website in customer login. If you wish, we also give a paid trainings at your workplace.

Branded concept is our developed programme oriented to our entrepreneurs who would like to sell fried chicken products by creating their own brands.

In this concept, you can introduce your brand to this sector by preparing fried chicken products with your own brand.

In branded concept stages, Makfry Support Team conducts you with trainings.

-7/24 Technical Support

-Menu Design (Free of charge in our company)

-Menu Costing

-Equipment Usage Training (Free of charge in our company)

-Consultancy Service

You can increase your income by adding fried chicken products to your available workplace in our branded concept.

Fried chicken fits with all of the fast food products in accordance with its structure and taste, also provides an opportunity to increase your income.