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         Generally the oil must be changed once a week, but it changes according to the conditions below:

         -Cooking Product Amount

         -Clean Breading:

           Excessive flours must be shaked off after breading the pieces.

         -Filtering the oil during operation

          (It is recommended that the oil must be filtered once every 4-5 cooking times.)

1 kg. marination can be used for 12 kg. chicken

1 kg. breading flour is enough for breading 8-10 kg. chicken 

1 kg wing = 25 pieces of wings

Due to chicken products are bought as kg. and are sold as pieces, chicken between 1000-1300 gr. must be preferred.  

Batter is a liquid mixture of one kind or more of flours which are made with granulated grainy or drenched cereals. Batter is used in various foods preparation. The 'batter' word comes from the French word 'battre' which has a meaning as 'beat'. While batter is being prepared, intense whisping and striking process are applied. 

Water, milk and egg are used while batter mix is being prepared. The products which will be breaded is covered with batter mix first. By this way, breaded product and bread mix are became integrated. 

(*Resource: Wikipedia) 

Marination is a covering liquid mixtures added to the product for better flavor.

For this reason, generally liquid marination mixtures are acidic, (salt, vinegar, lemon etc.) hot and spicy mixtures. After marination, this acidic mixture penetrates the exterior surface of the product and pierce inside of the foods. This formation can show an alteration in terms of time according to the speciality of the marination. In some marinations, you must make the products wait 3-6 and even 12 hours in +5 degree refrigerator. 

Breading Mixes

Gold Chicken Breading Mix

Extra Spicy Seasoning

Sweet and Spicy Seasoning

Hot Breading Seasoning

Lemon & Pepper Seasoning

Breading is shortly covering the products which will be cooked with flour mixture. There are three known kinds of methods for breaded fry products in world cuisines.

  1. Breading with Marination: In this breading with marination, previously, the products are breaded with this method and make it wait for a while to penetrate the taste and spices inside the product. 
  2. Breading with Battermilk:In this method, firstly the products are coated with battermilk, and then covered with breading flour. 
  3. Dry Breading: The drenched products are covered with breading flour in this method. This method is not preferred because is not well in terms of flavour.  

We suggest you to use first and second methods to be able to present more delicious products as Makfry.

The dip sauces that Makfry has been producing for many years, has become such a nirvana flavor.

With our R & D studies and out fresh spices, we spread the quality to your table. 

  •          Hot Sauce
  •          Sweet Chilli Sauce
  •          BBQ Sauce
  •          Mexican Sauce
  •          Garlic Mayonnaise Sauce
  •          Honeyed Mustard Sauce
  •          Samurai Sauce
  •          Burger Sauce

    With our fried chicken products we bring joy to you tables.

Your prepared hamburgers will be remembered always with the help of Makfry Burger Mixture. You will be known as an address of burgers and you will be able to prepare gourmet hamburgers with this magnificent formula. Not only that, it is quite easy to be prepered too. 

You can follow the visual training documents by entering into the customer login access on our website or applying the user manual on the stickers to produce waffle with Makfry foods ready waffle mixture. 

You can adjust your fried chicken products hot level at the point you want by using Hot Marination or Hot Breading Seasoning. What you should do for this is just to apply the steps on the sticker. 

Makfry Group offers to its customers free training oppotunities (at our place). based on our customers request, they can take training in their work place by a spacial trainer from Makfry Group in return for a fee. 

Furthermore, the training documents related to all products are uploded to our website in customer login access. so, our customers can download all the documentsthey may need. 

         Our fried chicken products consist of marination sauce, breading flours with and without marination and breading flours was made from               vegetables and potatos.

         While some of our customers use breading flour that is proper for marination sauce and marinated chicken to catch the original taste, Our           customers who want to save time can use breading flour that is proper for unmarinated chicken

Fried chicken products are generally cooked in deep fryers. In addition to this, boneless and small pieces can be cooked in open fryers (Potato Fryers). Our factory produces Open Fryer Breading Mix (Diamond Breading Mix) for this products.

 The most distinct difference between Diamond Open Fryer Flour and other known breading flours is flavour and not buttering up. Also, the appearance of the products will really get customers attention. 

As Makfry, our primarily recommendation to our customers who want to make fried chicken, is to make marinated fired chicken. Because, thanks to the specific mold of our marination sauce, the taste of the sauce gets into the chicken and provides to become a magnificent flavor. However, the marinated chicken requires to wait approximately 6-10 hours.