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MAKFRY has its own franchise, CHITIR CHICKEN. So, we provide permanent support traning to our branches from the stage of selection to the stage of opening. 

since our principle is being a family all together (we and our branches), we are always at the point of prepering the necessary conditions for all of us to make money.

Our training is essential for your business, such as our equipment, fried chicken products, our menus, service stage. With these trainings, maximum and high quality achieved with minimum staff and original taste.

You can find 3 different concepts at CHITIR CHICKEN website.

These are;

- Express Concept

- Shopping center concept

- Restaurant Concept.

When choosing a concept, location and area size are the most important variables. At this stage, you can get maximum benefit by the guidness of Makfry franchise team with the right concept.


We are at the service of Makfry A to Z product line in the process of supplying the machinery, equipment and foodstuffs required for CHITIR CHICKEN.

We will supply you with the exclusive marinating sauce and breading flour, CHITIR CHICKEN log original packaging materials and the standard product maximum efficiency equipment needed for the original and unique flavor of CHITIR CHICKEN from Makfry.

The CHITIR CHICKEN concept requires a kitchen area of ​​30 m² to 40 m². A minimum of 30 m² of work space will be suffice while seating area will be at the public area of ​​the shopping mall. You can take a look to the m² requirements for our other concepts from our concept varieties.

The cost of the CHITIR CHICKEN concept depends on the size of the workplace, how much infrastructure needs to be improved, and the country. However, we have much more economical options than many brands that provide franchise with Fried Chicken products in the food sector.

Fried chicken is a fast food product that has entered the market in recent years especially in our country and the right brand choice is very important in terms of confidence and standard taste.

Makfry has proved the authenticity of this originality with its CHITIR CHICKEN branches opened in the world by catching authenticity in terms of taste. The CHITIR CHICKEN story, which started in one place, soon reached 17 branches, and lastly it was proud to be the original brand preferred by fried chicken lovers with a splendid opening in Amsterdam.

Be part of the fast-growing CHITIR CHICKEN family, and be proud of being the preferred choice of your customers with your brand-unique original taste, and maximize your winning performance.


Our branded concept program is our program for entrepreneurs who want to sell fried chicken products by creating their own brand. 

Our franchise program is our program for those who want to be a franchisee investor and join our family as CHITIR CHICKEN branch, which has become a well-known brand in Europe.