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Classic Chicken Breading Mix /Deep Fryer Breading Mix

It is our paneling mortar used in fried chicken products which made in open fryer.

Because of the pressure, the chicken's juice (which gives the wonderful flavor) can not evaporate and because of this the chicken pieces do not absorb oil.

For customers who do not want to use a pressure fryer, we have also designed Diamond Pan Flour which they can use to make fried chicken.

Diamond panel mortar is designed especially for open fryers.

Diamond paneling mortar is used as follows:

Take 1 quarter of flour mixture and mix with 1.5 quarter cold water to obtain batter. The previously marinated product is first made into batter mixture and then into panmeal flour and made ready for frying.


This process is carried out by the hot batter which is designed in accordance with the taste of our customers who like bitter. Paneling technique is used in Diamond flour  without marinating.

Diamond Battering Flour with Hot Batter using steps:

Take 1 amount of Hot Batter flour mixture and mix it with 1.5 amount cold water to obtain batter.

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