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Makfry participated in the 14th Franchising and branded dealership fair. Makfry, which took its place in HALL 5 at the fair held between 13 October - 16 October in Istanbul CNR EXPO Center, reached thousands of people in 4 days.

Nowadays, an entrepreneur complains about the difficulty of reaching reliable brands, especially as a franchise '' “It's hard to invest in the right place right now. But the food industry is a bit better in this sense. Because humanity will always need nutrition as long as it exists. We especially wanted to get to know the fried chicken products that young people prefer. Made simple, a lot of earnings. I plan to open a business around the university'' he said these.

Uğur Özgilik, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who points out that the fairs are of great importance in terms of integration with customers.''MAKFRY has come to an important place in the sector in a short time. First of all, we would like to thank all our customers for their interest and trust. Although fried chicken products are not known much in our country, it has become a very popular product in known places. Our goal is to bring the fried chicken products to more places, to satisfy both the consumer and the investor. This is possible with the best quality and flavor together with less investment and abundant earnings. I think we understood the investor and the investor understood us very well, so we continue to spread quickly '' This way he finished his speech.