Breading Table Pan202-C

Breading Table Pan202-C

Breading Table Pan202-C



The Best Way to Make Crispy Chicken

The Pan202-C Coating Unit is your best helper in chicken coating. It's set to become a must-have in your kitchen. This tool not only helps in coating but also has a feature to keep butter milk cold. It improves the quality of your chicken coating station.

Main Features:

  • Stainless Body and Pot: Designed for long use and durability. This stainless body and pot make the product last longer, offering consistent quality.

  • Butter Milk Cooling Cabinet: We know the importance of butter milk in coating. Pan202-C keeps the butter milk at the perfect coldness. This makes the coating just right. This feature, combined with extra coating benefits, is the key to tasty chicken.

Perfect for Crispy Chicken and Coatings: For delicious crispy chicken and special coatings, the Pan202-C Coating Unit is a big plus in your kitchen. Use it to give your customers unforgettable tastes.

The Pan202-C Coating Unit is ready to be the newest and most useful item in your kitchen. If you want to take your coating tasks to a higher level, try the unique features of Pan202-C.

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