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Our company, whch entered the market as a restaurant n Lecester UK n 1996, has contnued ts actvtes by openng 17 different new branches n centres lke Northampton, Rugby, Hnckley, Leamngton SPA. Due to the recognton of a gap n fred chcken products n Turkey, the company has decded to launch ts actvtes n Turkey n the name of MAKFRY brand.
Whle patented- producng the requred pressure fryers to produce Fred Chcken as a result of long-term R&D actvtes, agan by completng the R&D works of breadng products- the second most mportant raw materal of Fred Chcken- MAKFRY GROUP has filled the nche n the sector wth 100% domestc manufacturng. Producng the necessary equpment and food products, MAKFRY GROUP dssemnates ts products under the brand of CHITIR CHICKEN and, wth ts ongong R&D actvtes; t contnues to offer new products by takng the deficences of the sector nto consderaton