• I have problem with my breading unit, What should i do?

    Please visit the technical support section on our web page and follow the troubleshooting guide's steps.

  • I have problems with my warming unit, What should i do?

    Please find your equipment in the technical support section of our Makfry web page and follow the steps of troubleshooting guide. 

  • I have problems with my machine, What should i do?

    Please find your equipment in the technical support section of our Makfry web page and follow the resolutions in the troubleshooting guide. 

  • Should i take any training to be able to use pressure fryer?

    Because Pressure fryers are not well known equipments in food sector. we provide an easy to be used design. Makfry has prepared training documents of the usage of pressure fryers for you to be able to provide the standard product production.

    Please visit our web page. You can watch all of the training documents from the customer login part. 

    In the meantime, Makfry presents free training lectures in our factory paid trainings at your workplace. 

  • What kind of products can I cook in pressure fryer?

    The cooking method in pressure is used for all hardly cooking products because inside of the products is boiled and outside is fried. In addition to this, we can sort the main products which are able to be cooked in pressure fryers.

    Chicken; The most popular product to fry by pressure is chicken and it is became widespread in sector such as fried chicken products.

    Potato; The cooking potato by breading (wedges, cube shaped or whichever slices) gets cooked in short time and become delicious.



    Cauliflower – Broccoli;


    Kibbeh (Stuffed Meatballs); The product which is fried to be cooked, as is known, is a product which are prepared to cook before thereby the inside is cooked during frying. In case of cooking in pressure, the product gets cooked inside as well, become more delicious and economical.

    It is possible to increase the suchlike examples. 

  • What is a pressure fryer and how does it work?

    Pressure frying is generally used for cooking covered chicken pieces, providing the necessary cooking conditions to make the chicken meat crispy and flavorful. These products are commonly known as Southern Fried Chicken. While there are other products that can be cooked using the pressure frying method, it is predominantly used for chicken.

    In this cooking method, the most critical factors are pressure and temperature. Makfry frying machines are designed to cook at a temperature of 165 degrees Celsius and 6-8 PSI pressure. If the cooking temperature falls below 165 degrees, the chicken won't become crispy, and if it exceeds this temperature, the chicken may become burnt. In simpler terms, when the temperature is too low, there won't be enough pressure, resulting in dry products. On the other hand, when the temperature is too high, there's a risk of the products getting damaged.

    Pressure is generated from the natural juices of the cooking product. Some of the juices from the product placed in hot oil evaporate, creating pressure inside the tank. A rotary relief valve with adjustable weight maintains the necessary pressure and releases any excess pressure.

    Thanks to the pressure inside the machine, the juices inside the product remain sealed, and the oil from the exterior of the product doesn't penetrate it. This way, the product is cooked within itself, with the surface becoming crispy while the inside remains tender and delicious, as it's boiled by the juices.

    In our conducted experiments using Chitir Chicken breading flours, it's evident that this method produces the best results in terms of consistency, color, and adhesion of the breading flour to the product.

  • What is breading unit and What does it use for?

          In the breading process of fried chicken products, generally the products gets covered with liquid (battermilk, water) and dry (flour mixture) mixtures. At this stage glomerations occur in the breading dough. In order to prevent this, the dough must be sieved occasionally. 

           Makfry breading unit is considerable significant equipment to provide to ease the sieving process and to ensure comfortable and regular work environment. 

  • How does the breading process work?

    You can find an instructional manual that explains the breading process in detail in the educational visuals section on the breading unit page within the technical support sections of the Makfry website.

  • What are the warming units and What do they use for?

           Warming units are the machines that keep the cooked fried chicken products fresh and warm up to 2 hours giving you the ability to cater warm and fresh always.  

  • The Quality Of The Products Are Not As I Am Expecting. What Should I Do?

    Please locate your equipment in the technical support section of our Makfry website. Follow the steps outlined in the troubleshooting guide found on that page. Additionally, to ensure that you carry out the production process correctly, please review the page related to fried chicken production by logging in as a customer.

  • Do the Makfry Pressure Fryers have warranty?

    MAKFRY gives 2 years warranty for the pressure fryer's defective parts which caused by manufacturing defects. 

  • I would like to take advantage of branded menu program. How do I start?

    With branded concept programme, you can increase your income by adding fried chicken products to your business.

    First of all, please choose your equipment in this programme.

    -Economic Pack (Makfry 518 + HD-2 Warming Unit)

    -Standard Pack (Makfry 1014 + HD-4 Warming Unit)

    -Professional Pack (Makfry 1025 + HD-6 Warming Unit)

    Secondly, please determine your supply products based on your menus.

    -Marination Sauce

    -Breading Mix


    -Promotion Products

    You can pay all these products from our Makfry Group company. After purchasing process, you can start the sales by buying chickens locally.

    NOTE: Menu design and training are free of charge in our company. you can find them on our website in customer login. If you wish, we also give a paid trainings at your workplace.

  • Which machines do I need to prepare and sell the fried chicken products?

            Makfry Group specialised and concentrated about pressure fryer, warming units and breading units which are necessary especially to make fried chicken products by Makfry brand. Pressure fryers boil the inside of the product and fries the outside of the product in accordance with working principle. This shortens the cooking period as it flavors to the product. Our company produces pressure fryers in various capacities and features according to the needs of working places. Our equipments can be aligned as follows:

         518, 1014 Digital (Automatic filtering), 1014 Manual (Automatic filtering), 1025 Digital (Automatic filtering), 1025 Manual (Automatic filtering).

          Warming units are the display units to keep the fried chicken products fresh and warm as far as two hours after cooking. Service becomes more practical and easier by courtesy of warming units. Service is made from ready cooked stock without making the customers wait. Makfry Group manufactures warming units in different sizes and capacities to the firms by Makfry brand. Our models can be listed as; HD2, HD3, HD4 and HD6.

             Breading units are the providing practicability units which are designed to bread the fried chicken products. Aggregations occur in breading flour during breading and this influences negatively the quality of the cooked product. Breading unit provides an opportunity to maket he products with higher quality thanks to automatic sieving function. Makfry Group produces breading units with the name of PAN202 by Makfry brand.

  • How and what kind of products i can keep in warming units?

    Comprehensive informations are given in the part of educatory visuals in the technical support section of our Makfry web page. 

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