Clam Grill

Clam Grill
  • Energy: 230 V 6 kW 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: W: 450 D: 870 H: 630 (mm)
  • Weight: 65 kg

Clam Grill

Clam Grill Meatball Cooking Machine: The Perfect Cooking Experience for Bold Flavors

As a leading manufacturer of industrial kitchen equipment, our company provides high-quality equipment for restaurants, hotels, and other food and beverage establishments. The Clam Grill Meatball Cooking Machine brings a different dimension to your kitchen with its impressive features and innovative design. Features such as top and bottom heat adjustment, programmable functions, and automatic lid opening allow you to achieve perfect flavors every time.

One of the key features of the Clam Grill Meatball Cooking Machine is the top and bottom heat adjustment. This feature ensures that the top and bottom parts of the meat cook evenly during the cooking process. You can adjust the heat according to your preferences to achieve a perfect taste and texture. This allows you to give each meatball a perfect consistency and satisfy your customers.

Additionally, the Clam Grill Meatball Cooking Machine offers 6 different adjustable programs. These programs provide pre-set options for different cooking times and heat levels. By selecting the program according to your needs, you can easily achieve the desired cooking results. This feature saves time and effort while making your kitchen tasks easier.

Another notable feature of the Clam Grill Meatball Cooking Machine is the timed automatic lid opening and audible alert. With this feature, the machine automatically opens the top lid and alerts you when the cooking process is complete. This ensures that your meatballs do not burn and helps you achieve perfect cooking results. The audible alert makes it easy to keep track of your tasks and increases efficiency.

The Clam Grill Meatball Cooking Machine has an innovative and modern grill design. This design ensures that the meat cooks evenly and uniformly. You can give your meatballs the desired flavor and cooking degree. Additionally, its modern and stylish design adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen.

The waste oil container is an important feature of the Clam Grill Meatball Cooking Machine in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. It collects the oil generated during cooking and makes cleaning more practical. This feature helps you maintain the hygiene standards of your establishment.

Another advantage of the Clam Grill Meatball Cooking Machine is that it can be used without flipping the products. It ensures that both sides of the meatballs cook at the same time, reducing workload. This saves time and speeds up the cooking process.

In conclusion, the Clam Grill Meatball Cooking Machine is an excellent choice for your industrial kitchens. Along with standard flavor and cooking features, its advanced technology provides an impressive cooking experience. Its modern design and user-friendly features add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

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