Hot Display HD2

Hot Display HD2
  • Energy: 220/240 V 1.6 kW 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: W: 850 D: 610 H: 470 (mm)
  • Capacity: 10 kg
  • Weight: 46 kg (Gross)

Hot Display HD2



A New Dimension in Flavor and Freshness: HD-2 Hot Display

If your business has concerns about serving hot and fresh food to customers, the HD-2 Holding Unit is designed to eliminate these worries. Manufactured by our company, this product takes your business one step ahead with its excellent holding and reheating capabilities.

The HD-2 Holding Unit ensures that various foods stay hot for an extended period. Especially during peak demand periods, the reheating feature keeps your food warm in perfect serving condition. As a result, your customers always enjoy fresh and flavorful meals.

One of the key features of our product is the 2-hour holding capability. The HD-2 Holding Unit is an ideal solution for keeping your food warm for an extended period. This feature enables you to serve hot and fresh food to your customers even during busy hours.

With a product capacity of 10 kg, the HD-2 Holding Unit offers the flexibility to keep a wide range of food items hot at the same time. This enhances the efficiency of your business and provides greater flexibility to meet customer demands.

This unit allows separate temperature and humidity settings, giving you more control. It ensures that your food is kept at the ideal temperature and humidity conditions, preserving its flavor and freshness. This ensures that your customers are always satisfied with high-quality food.

To learn more or to place an order for the HD-2 Holding Unit, please contact us immediately. We are delighted to provide you with the best service, as we value customer satisfaction. We are here to contribute to the success of your business with our quality and functional products.

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