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Equipment needed to produce fried chicken products, which have become increasingly popular products in the food industry;  

Pressure Fryers: Used to fry chicken with its own juice in short time under high pressure. We offer the machine with 3 different capacities have 10 min frying average:

  • MAKFRY 518: 3 kg capacity.
  • MAKFRY1015: 4 kg capacity. 
  • MAKFRY 1025: 5.5 kg capacity.   

Food Warming machine: For faster and more efficent service this machine can keep your fried products fresh and warm up to 2 hours. We also offer this macine with 3 different capacities.   

  • MAKFRY HD-2: 10 kg capacity.
  • MAKFRY HD-3: 15 kg capacity.
  • MAKFRY HD-4: 20 kg capacity.
  • MAKFRY HD-6: 30 kg capacity.

Breading Table: While breading flour comfortable work plcae is needed and often needing to sift your breading flour because of the lumps which agglomerate while breaing, we have a great solution for these two issues. MAKFRY breading unit afford you the space you need and a built in sifting drawer that helps you do it all at once. 

Remember!  Appropriated and well made equipment helps you to achieve quality products.