American Toaster TTA-38

American Toaster TTA-38
  • Energy: 230 V 2.7 kW 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions: W: 380 D: 240 H: 470 (mm)
  • Capacity: 355-330 mm
  • Weight: 27 kg

American Toaster TTA-38

TTA 38 Sandwich Maker: Prepare Delicious Sandwiches Just the Way You Like

As a specialized manufacturer of industrial kitchen equipment, we take pride in offering our customers the latest technology products. The TTA 38 Sandwich Maker is a standout product with features that allow you to prepare delicious sandwiches in your kitchen. With its timer alert, adjustable top lid, and adjustable heat, it takes your sandwich-making experience to a new level.

One of the key features of the TTA 38 Sandwich Maker is the timer alert. With this feature, you can ensure that your sandwiches are cooked to perfection. The adjustable timer of the machine is an ideal solution for cooking the inside of the sandwich thoroughly while keeping the outside at the desired texture. This way, you can achieve a perfect sandwich every time.

Additionally, the adjustable top lid feature of the TTA 38 Sandwich Maker is also noteworthy. With this feature, you can create grill marks on the sandwich without crushing it or compromising its contents. The top lid can be adjusted according to the desired level of grill marks, allowing you to prepare customized sandwiches for each customer. This enables you to offer unique and personalized experiences to your customers.

Another important feature of the TTA 38 Sandwich Maker is the adjustable heat level. This feature is ideal for accommodating different types of sandwiches or customer preferences. By adjusting the desired heat level, you can prepare sandwiches with perfectly cooked fillings and a crispy exterior. This allows you to satisfy your customers' taste buds while unleashing your creativity.

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Enjoy the pleasure of making sandwiches in your kitchen with the TTA 38 Sandwich Maker!

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